Simple installation, extremely practical

The PBOX X5 standalone solar streetlights are very simple to use, no separate battery pack required and no complicated wiring or settings.
All you need to do is to attach it with 4 screws to the post and press the on/off button. That is all.

The X5 will switch on when the sun sets and switch off when the sun rises. When there is no one around, it will dim itself to improve power effciency,
however, when any one approaches, it will increase its brightness by a factor of four.

Protected against all weathers

 The solar streetlights have to survive extreme cold and hot weather.
The modular structure of the PBOX X5 is extremely good at protecting essential parts of the streetlights.
It reaches IP65 protection grade, effectively isolating humidity, dust and heat invasion,
making it easy to overcome the challenges of harsh outdoor environments.

Battery determines system stability;
Management determines battery’s stability

Traditional solar powered streetlights use lead acid batteries that have a very short life cycle and are
difficult to maintain,
creating massive environmental pollution and a very low ROI.
We therefore decided to use Lithium-ion batteries that have 3 times the life cycle,
4 times the discharge ability and are not harmful to the environment in our sealed product.
However Lithium-ion batteries need a proper battery management system to avoid the “barrel effect”.
PBOX uses an exclusive patented technology battery management program, enabling the life span of battery to last for over 6 years,
greatly improving the ROI and at the same time helping to sustain the earth’s resources.

When the optional exclusive extreme low temperature protection device is installed,
X5 can work at -40℃, thus making it suitable for alpine regions.

High performance charging controller,
provides full protection for the system

The independent researched and developed charging controller generates more power, especially during cloudy & rainy days.
It simultaneously has protection for over current, over voltage and over heating.
Through the USB interface on the controller, it is able to easily modify its operating mode.

creates a first-class light source

By choosing the CREE 5W LED chips, single lumen value at 130lm/W (@350mA), with the aluminum lamp base and sealed lens,
with its excellent heat dissipation, it is as if the LED chip has been placed in a sealed unit.
Thus it maintains high brightness levels with very little fading.
The sealed lenses are made of strong UV protected PC and are aging and shock resistant;
The well optimized light distribution, makes for a more uniform and wider lighting area.


makes this a tough unit

PBOX X5 uses a super aluminum frame, which is light weight, strong and corrosion resistant,
making it able to resist strong typhoons of up to force 12.
Stainless steel screws are used as fasteners to protect against any harsh weather.
Motion detection

PBOX X5 comes complete with built-in motion detection system that automatically regular
the light source from full bright (100%) to dim mode (25%) to increase battery autonomy.

Infrared motion sensor detection area
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